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Start250 ml. Compatible Refill Ink to Epson T0711 - T0714 (BK, C, M, Y)

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Product description:

We deliver 250 ml refill ink in black and 3 colours.

These are in detail:

1x 100 ml refill ink black
1x 50 ml refill ink cyan
1x 50 ml refill ink Magenta
1x 50 ml refill ink Gelb

including 3x syringes
, 3x cannulas

The ink was tested in Epson printer cartridges. The results were high quality printouts, full colors, clean lines.

Product description

We deliver a set to refill your cartridges. All you need is a chip resetter from our range to set the cartridge level back to "full". Unpack - Replace chip - Refill - Insert - Finished. Compatible with the respective original Epson printer cartridge. The product comes from fresh, tested, industrial production.

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