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StartCompatible Chip Resetter to Epson T0441 - T0444 (BK, C, M, Y) T0XXX with 7 & 9 Pin

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Product description:

We deliver you 1 original Start Chip Resetter for Epson cartridges.

The Chip Resetter for Epson cartridges - resets the chip of the original and compatible cartridge to its original state in a few seconds - this results in full functionality including the ink level indicator - works with original cartridges as well as with compatible cartridges to which you have attached an original chip.

The printer will recognize the compatible cartridge with the original reseted chip as full and new. The ink level indicator works again!

The cartridges fit all Epson devices with 7- and 9-pin cartridges except T1XXX cartridges. These are in detail:

T007, T008, T009, T015, T016, T017, T018, T026, T027, T028, T029, T036, T037, T038, T039, T0321-T0324, T0331-T0336, T0341-T0348, T0461, T0421-T0424, T0331-T0336,T0441-T0444, T0472-T0474, T0481-T0486, T0491-T0496, T0540-T0549, T0551-T0554, T0557, T0561-T0564, T0591-T0599, T05591-T05596, T0611-T0614, T057, T058, T0601-T0604, T0631-T0634, T0801-T0806, T0711-T0714, T0781-786, T0791-796, T0881-884.

Please check the correct use of the cartridge type for your printer model.

No printer manufacturer's product. All listed brand names are for orientation only and are the property of their rightful owners. This product is an Original Start © Product.